About Us


Karnaram's KP. Materials (Formerly called Ganesh Company) - a number one of the Packing Material Suppliers in Chennai provider primarily based at city provides all kinds of Packing Material Suppliers in Chennai & Accesories (All Brands) to numerous Industries, makers, Factories, Warehouses and Packing Material Suppliers in Chennai, Distributors, Traders, Harbour/Air payload Shipping & Forwarding Agents, etc in bulk quantities in wholesale value throughout Tamilnadu, Karnataka, state, geographic area, Gujarat, etc.

Stretch Packing Roll, Strapping Roll, PET Strapping Roll, Patti Roll, Air Bubbles Roll, Heat Sealing Patti Roll, H.M Plastic Roll, L.D. PP Plastic Roll, Plastic Ganni Roll, Gum Tape, Brown Tape, Cello Tape, White clear Tape, ABRO masking paper, written Tapes(all Types), Stretch Film, grievous bodily harm Stretch Film, Nylon Rope, Plastic Rope, etc.

Also, we tend to provide Automatic husky Machines/Tools, waterproofing Machines, Packing Material Suppliers in Chennai Patti Machines, Plastic Sutali, Patti Clip, husky Tensioner.